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Morocco Travel

Morocco Tours, Sahara Tours Morocco Hassan RabatMorocco has been described as a distinctly African country on the outskirts of Europe. It has a majestic and medieval feel to it, filled with lots of North African culture. No visit to Morocco is complete without visiting Djemma el Fna in Marrakech, which comes to life from 10am with street theatres, henna tattoo artists and snake charmers and peaks in the evening with the arrival of an array of chefs and food masters.

Have an authentic Moroccan experience on the Berber tour, experiencing the life of Morocco’s nomadic population through camel treks and desert tours. You can choose from single day trips to a 16 day tour.

Morocco is a magical destination with loads of inspiration for history lovers and creatives. Beyond the endless sea of desert, tourists can get lost in vibrant colors and patterns on display at palaces, markets, and mosques. Additionally, top-rated tourist attractions include Marrakesh Medina, the Hassan II Mosque, Tangier, and Fes.

Camel Trek Morocco Desert Tours, Travel MoroccoA slow camel mooch across the sand-hills to the camp site included a brilliant sunset.


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Morocco is boasting incredibly diverse topography that includes a sea coast, a mountain range and desert is in fact packed with adventure opportunities that will not only test your fitness and endurance but also afford the kind of experience rarely affiliated with this North African culture powerhouse. This is a country of extremes based at the northern edge of the African continent. From the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains to the dry sand of the Sahara Desert, Morocco is an energetic mix of culture and geographical interest. Its close proximity to Europe gives a diverse population with Arabic influences as well as the traditional Berber culture. Now a popular tourist destination Morocco is a unique place, a geographers dream.