Enjoy your Marrakech city Tour and Sightseeing, As anyone knows Marrakech is one of the oldest imperial cities founded around 1060-1106, by the king Youssef Ibn Tachafine the empire of the Berber Dynasty Almoravides, Located in the Hawz, an agricultural plain bounded to the south and east by the High Atlas mountains, and watered by the Tansift river, called the perle of the south, it has a stunning view over the snow-capped High Atlas Mountains surrounded by thousand palms & agriculture fields.

Under the governance of Almaravides dynasty (1055–1157) Marrakech became the base fo the trade & conquest of Morocco, portions of the Maghrib, and Andalusia.

The empire has expanded in that time from Spain to Senegal, Marrakesh was the crossroads of ancient caravan routes from Timbuktu made it a key destination for trade and reprieve for weary sub-Saharan traders carrying gold, salt and slaves bound for Europe. Today Marrakesh is the most popular travel destination; attract people with its historical sites, souks, squares, gardens etc...