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Morocco is a magical destination with loads of inspiration for history lovers and creative’s. Beyond the endless sea of Sahara desert, tourists can get lost in vibrant colors and patterns on display at palaces, markets, and mosques. Additionally, top-rated tourist attractions include Marrakesh Medina, the Hassan II Mosque, Tangier, and Fes. We offer a wide range of special Morocco tours, Trips & holidays. These tours are well designed and highlight the best of Morocco to explore the hidden gateways that you will never forget.

Morocco Tours From Marrakech


A little about Marrakech … and Beyond:

Marrakech or Marrakesh is possibly the most important of Morocco’s four former imperial cities (cities that were built by the Moroccan Berber empires). The region has been inhabited by Berber farmers since Neolithic times, but the actual city was founded in 1062 by Abu Bakr ibn Umar, chieftain and cousin of Almoravid king Yusuf ibn Tashfin. In the 12th century, the Almoravids built many madrasas (Koranic schools) and mosques in Marrakesh that bear Andalusian influences. The red walls of the city, built by Ali ibn Yusuf in 1122–1123, and various buildings constructed in red sandstone during this period, have given the city the nickname of the “Red City” or “Ochre City”. Marrakesh grew rapidly and established itself as a cultural, religious, and trading center for the Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa; Jemaa el-Fnaa is the busiest square in Africa.

Morocco Tours From Casablanca

Morocco Imperial Cities Tour 8 Days

A little about Casablanca… and Beyond:

Also known as Casa or Dar el Baida, Casablanca is essentially the capital of Morocco. Any European citizen or traveler will feel immediately at home here and will have an almost instinctive understanding of life here. There are plenty of hotels in and around Casablanca. Regardless of the size of your budget, you can find a superb place to enjoy a meal in this vibrant city. Entertain your wildest holiday fantasies in Casablanca!

As Morocco’s commercial capital, Casablanca is its biggest city, with more than 7 million cosmopolitan inhabitants. People are drawn here from every corner of the country, adding their influences to the enduring European vibes.

An air of French sophistication pervades in its cafes and restaurants, but that’s just one aspect of the dining and nightlife circuit. As establishments aren’t catering to a transient audience, their flavours are built to last, and some of the finest Moroccan cooking can be found in Casablanca – not to mention the most liberal attitudes to drinking found anywhere in the

Morocco Tours From Fes

3 Days Sahara Desert Trip Marrakech to Fez

A little about Fes… and Beyond:

Fes was founded on a bank of the Jawhar river by Idris I in 789, founder of the Zaydi Shi’ite Idrisid dynasty. His son, Idris II (808),built a settlement on the opposing river bank. These settlements would soon develop into two walled and largely autonomous sites, often in conflict with one another: Madina Fes and Al-‘Aliya. In 808 Al-‘Aliya replaced Walili as the capital of the Idrisids.

Arab emigration to Fez, including 800 Andalusi families of Berber descent in 817–818 expelled after a rebellion against the Umayyads of Córdoba, and 2,000 Arab families banned from Kairouan (modern Tunisia) after another rebellion in 824, gave the city a more Arabic character than others of the region. The Andalusians settled in what is called the ‘Old’ Fez, while the Tunisians found their home in the ‘New’ Fez, also called al-‘Aliya. These two waves of immigrants would subsequently give their name to the sites ‘Adwat Al-Andalus and ‘Adwat al-Qarawiyyin. The majority of the population was of Arab descent, and the minority was of North-African Berber descent, with rural Berbers from the surrounding countryside settling there throughout this early period, mainly in Medina Fes (the Andalusian quarter) and later in Fes Jdid.

The city’s allegiance, or at least submission, has always been essential to whoever held Morocco’s throne. Morocco’s independence movement was born here, and when there are strikes or protests, they are often at their most vociferous in Fez.
For visitors, the medina of Fès el-Bali (Old Fez) is the city’s great drawcard. It’s an assault on the senses, a warren of narrow lanes and covered bazaars fit to bursting with aromatic food stands, craft workshops, mosques and an endless parade of people. Old and new constantly collide – the man driving the donkeys and mules that remain the main form of transport is likely to be chatting on his mobile phone, while the ancient skyline is punctuated equally with satellite dishes and minarets.

Morocco Tours From Tangier

morocco tours from tangier

A little about Tangier … and Beyond:

Tangier is a fascinating Moroccan city to visit. It has many of the things that travelers love–a sense of exotic mystery, interesting history, beautiful vistas, and unspoiled beaches. It’s easy enough to navigate if you’re used to Western cities, while being clearly different from those Western cities.

There are many choices of different cuisine available. Many of the luxury hotels offer a good selection of both Moroccan and Continental Fare, though at prices much higher than what you will find elsewhere. There are also many restaurants along the Ave Mohamed VI (the beachfront) where one can enjoy a nice meal with a glass of wine on the beachfront.